What is BusinessTeens?

For young entrepreneurs


BusinessTeens is a program aimed at young entrepreneurs from 15 to 19 years old in which we stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit through dynamics, private lessons, summer courses and weekend seminars. In addition, we encourage fellowship, decision making and life and career planning.


Our philosophy


Develop entrepreneurial spirit in young people, while having fun, so that promoting entrepreneurship, love to what you do, proactivity, teamwork, self-esteem, community service, environmental protection, savings and the care of money. 

In BusinessTeens we teach young people that good business is more than just a source of wealth, creating in them a true social conscience.



    That young people undertake business based in their vocation, believing in themselves and in their ability to achieve everything they set out to do. 



     Courses are divided into 25 subjects that introduce young people to the business world. 

We offer private classes taught during the school year, Summer courses, Weekend thematic seminars, Trips and excursions that promote entrepreneurship, Courses and consulting sessions for parents of young entrepreneurs.

The 5 pillars of BusinessTeens

1. Vocation

We work with young people to discover their vocation so they can freely choose their destiny.
Many professionals discover their vocation after having graduated from the chosen career.
One of the purposes of BusinessTeens is to make the participants find, within themselves, what moves them and passionates them, so they can turn it into a life activity. Always encouraging entrepreneurship. 

2. Values

In adolescence, when young people break with the values ​​learned in search of their own identity, they do so together with their social group.
In BusinessTeens we encourage the union and integration between the participants so that, together they take entrepreneurship as a value that, far from being imposed by their parents, is adopted by them, together with their social group, formed within the framework of BusinessTeens sessions. 

3. Business

At BusinessTeens we teach young people how to start a business, from constitution to operation.
The teenagers work in two groups:
a) 15 to 17 years
b) 18 to 19 years
In group B, students are linked to lawyers who support them in the constitution of their companies, because at this age they can now pass from entrepreneurs to business people. 

4. Financial education

Financial education is essential for success as an entrepreneur and business people. In BusinessTeens we train entrepreneurs and business people with financial intelligence who can plan, from an early age, their own economic future. 

5. Social conscience

Social awareness is a fundamental element in the formation of an entrepreneur. In BusinessTeens we teach young people that business not only serves to make money, but they are a way of contributing to society. 

Educational program


The program lasts 100 hours in which young people learn how to do a business, based on 

the pillars of BusinessTeens.
The sessions are carried out through dynamics, games, activities and classroom classes in which students are learning concepts while developing their own businesses. 


  • Business development
  • The strength of the vocation
  • The magic of sales
  • Effective purchases
  • Finances and money care
  • Marketing and publicity
  • Social responsability
  • Ecology and environmental care
  • Customer service
  • Human Resources
  • Administration
  • From creativity to innovation
  • Design
  • Computing
  • Teamwork
  • Producing my ideas
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Social intelligence
  • Communication
  • Leadership and self-esteem
  • Ethics and values
  • Global thinking
  • Strategic planning
  • Coaching
  • Public relations 

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